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2011-12-16 04:48:50 by NowRah

I'm sad; I thought Hitchens would last a few more years at least. Oh well, time to see what jokes have been made at his expense (I'm not above laughing about the death of someone I respect).

Shitty upload when drunk

2011-11-12 21:12:48 by NowRah

Enjoy the eulogy for an animation I put together while drunk. It passed judgement and didn't have a terrible score (you can tell from the score that it was manually deleted), but I deleted it because it was terrible and annoying.

So, I think I've learnt that I should not upload anything when drunk. I become a bit of a troll when I've been drinking.

Happy Republic Day to the people of India

2011-01-25 20:48:01 by NowRah

Happy Republic Day to the people of India.

And yeah, it's Australia Day, so good luck trying to stop drunken violence to all police out there.

Labor Won. Yay.

2010-09-07 01:58:58 by NowRah

I can edit this? This was unfunny and unread originally, so I'm changing history.


2010-08-21 08:54:45 by NowRah

I'm not a fan of Tony Abbott. He comes across as an OK guy, but based on his political views and stuff, yeah I'm not a fan.

Federal Election

2010-08-20 20:30:47 by NowRah

For all 0 people who read this, I voted in the Australian federal election today. Not all that exciting to be perfectly honest.

Edited in a "n". a n? an n? I think it should be an n. Originally said "Australia federal election", now it says "Australian federal election".